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Photograph of the view West from the peak of Uncompahgre, showing mountains and valleys below.
Photograph of the West cliffs of Uncompahgre.
Photograph of Needle Mountain, its peak covered by clouds, taken from Chicago Basin near the Colorado Mountain College camp.
Photograph of Eleanor Bartlett standing in front of a rock face with a creek directly below taken near the C.M.C. camp in Chicago Basin.
Photograph of Uncompahgre Peak and Wetterhorn taken from Redcloud Peak with rocks field in the foreground.
Needle Mts., from RR south of Needleton.
Photograph of the Colorado Mountain Club mess tent at the camp in Chicago Basin.
Rock outcropping on the NW face of Lizard Head Peak with view of the valley below.
Photograph of a wooden cabin on a mountain slope North of Cinnamon Pass at 13,000 feet.
Photograph of Sunshine Peak from Redcloud.
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