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Large houses with walled gardens face the ocean across a paved road on top of seaside cliffs. Men and women walk along the road or sit on a park bench admiring the view.
An alpine hut made of stone with a wooden roof built against a stone cliff
View of a mountain with a rock cliff rising on the right of the frame

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Three men standing in front of a wooden alpine hut with two diamond shaped windows near the peak of the roof. In the background a tall cliff
A man standing with one foot on a narrow ledge on a steep cliff face, hanging on to the top with one hand. He holds his other hand and foot out into the air.
Snow covered cliffs above a body of water.
Rock cliffs over a body of water.
Four men sit on a broken rock cliff in left foreground. Panorama of valley, filled with fog and mist, dominates the rest of the image.
Close-up of a dozen people occupying a broken rock face. Several people belay a woman up a problem.
High contrast image of the cliff walls rising out of sight to the left. Trees in foreground.
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