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A collection of small wooden houses and shacks connected by dirt trails. In the middle distance is a horse and carriage and larger structures visible in the background.
A group of men stand in the street in front of a large building looking at a carriage on the right with a sign on the back reading "Diligenze Postali & Cumulative. Aosta Pre St Didier & Courmayeur lo St. Bernardo"
A man standing in the street in front of the Porta Praetoria in Aosta Italy at a time when the Trinity chapel was still attached to the main structure. On the right of the fram a carriage and horses and on the left a woman sits at a small table.
A man stepping in or out of a carriage pulled by four dark horses with Swiss crests on it. Several men and women are on the street below along with two or three other carriages, one with the words the words "Goschenen-Gletsch-Brig" written on theā€¦
A street scene with pedestrians, a trolly car and tracks, carts and carriages and a large cathedral on the right side of the frame
A group of men and women lying in the snow among numerous overturned sledes which are tied together and to the back of a horse-drawn carriage. One person is in mid-fall, arms outstretched.
A crowd of people gathered with their backs to the camera, more people are walking or riding in carriages toward the group.
A view of the street with pedestrians and carriages, buildings on either side.
Two indistinct figures cross an overpass above a road with an empty carriage parked along it.
A view of the street with pedestrians and carriages, buildings on either side.
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