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A man holding a rope and standing on an ice chunk which is mostly submerged in a body of water
View to the Southwest from the summit of Edith Cavell, including lakes and peaks
A view of Mount Robson from a glacier across the valley
A woman standing on a mountainside looking over Peyto Lake, Mount Patterson and Caldron Peak
Mount Robson and Berg Glacier, Berg Lake in the foreground
Brussels Peak and Mount Lowell
Andrew James Gilmour roped up and holding his ice axe on the snowy slope of Resplendent Mountian, the summit almost visible behind him.
Andrew James Gilmour standing on a snowy summit, wearing glacier goggles and a hat. Behind him is a snowy ridge and distant mountains.
Andrew James Gilmour standing on a boulder on Mumm Peak, Mount Robson and Berg Lake in the background
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