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Several persons near a stone hut with glacier and rock formation behind.

View of stone hut among snowfields and glaciers, looking upslope.

A large group of men and women sitting around a bonfire in the woods.

Seven mountaineers with rope, ice-axes and alpenstock standing in front of Mount Adams

Fifty or so men and women of the Canadian Alpine Club sit on fallen trees around a campfire. Tents and forest in the background.

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Cabin South of Matterhorn.jpg
Photograph of a man standing in front of a log cabin with mountains in the background.

Camp in Bilk Creek Basin.jpg
Photograph of a camp in the woods near a stone outcropping.

Bull Lake Creek Camp.jpg
Photograph of a man standing near a camp fire and tents.

Camp Below Indian Pass.jpg
Photograph of a man standing near a camp fire and tent.

Camp on Indian Pass Ridge.jpg
Photograph of Albert Ellingwood standing at a camp made in a boulder field. A tent is pitched behind him.
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