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A Bergschrund in a glacier on the side of Mount Rogers

A man walking around a bergschrund on Grand Mountain

The glacier and bergschrund on Donkin Pass, the top of the pass is visible

Elmina Buhl on the Bergschrund.jpg
Photograph of Elmina Buhl crossing the bergschrund on Gannett using rope and an axe.

Ellingwood and the Bergschrund.jpg
Photograph of Albert Ellingwood dropping into Fremont bergschrund with a rope.

Dropping into the Fremont Bergschrund.jpg
Photograph of Elmina Buhl dropping into the icy bergschrund using a rope.

Crossing the Bergschrund.jpg
Photograph of three climbers using ropes and axes to cross the bergschrund on the SE face of Gannett.

Bergschrund Below NW Ridge of Fremont.jpg
Photograph of the bergschrund below the North West ridge of Fremont, a rock face is visible through the snowy crevasse.

Bergschrund on the face of Gannett.jpg
Photograph of a climber near a bergschrund surrounded by rock faces and ice.

A photograph of the sun behind clouds.
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