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A street and a building with a gated drive on the left

The East side of Notre Dame cathedral from across the Siene. A bridge in the foreground.

A large arch made of brick and stone, the Porte Saint-Denis in Paris, France, in a street with buildings in the background. The street is filled with pedestrians and carriages.

A large and ornate structure with carriages, pedestrians and horses in the street below it

A street with carriages, pedestrians and in the background a wall with towers and battlements

A building with a tower next to a river surrounded by trees. Written on the building is "Fonds des

Pedestrians and horse riders on a street near a body of water.

A photograph of the Place de l'Op_ra in Paris with carriages, pedestrians and an omnibus. On the left side of the frame is a building with a sign reading "Grand Hotel," the InterContinental Paris Le Grand.

A group of soldiers marching through a street, pedestrians looking on
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