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View of a beach lined with palm trees and buildings. Men and women walk along sidewalks or admire the view from decks. Mountains in the background.
A woman and two men sitting on a beach lined with palm trees with a large structure in the background.
A man on a rocky shore at the edge of the water, his back to the camera and partially bent over perhaps picking up a rock. There are many boats on the water and a pier in the middle distance with men and women walking along it.
A large ship with many smaller boats near it in the water. In the foreground, are for or five people swimming.
A dock and a floating pier in the ocean, boats in the water beyond and bathers and people relaxing on the dock in the foreground.
Rocky outcroppings near the ocean

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View of a man walking on a dirt path under a steel bridge. On the right side of the frame is a city or town.
A collection of small wooden houses and shacks connected by dirt trails. In the middle distance is a horse and carriage and larger structures visible in the background.
A view of a building with a large billboard on it's roof. To the right is an elevated road on the shore of a lage body of water. Several large ships and a building with many smoke stacks in the distance. The billboard has advertismenents for Quaker…
A trolly car full of people with more crowding the roof and holding onto the sides. A sign on the front reads "Take this car for aeroplane flights." The destination plaque in the window says "Delmar." Pedestrians are visible on the street and a three…
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