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Ascending Helen Glacier.jpg
Photograph of three climbers hiking through a snow field with axes and packs.

At Beck's Cabin on Torrey Creek.jpg
Photograph of Albert Ellingwood Carl Blaurock and Herman Buhl standing in front of a car.

At the Summit of Gannett Peak.jpg
Photograph of Albert Ellingwood, Elmina Buhl and Carl Blaurock sitting on the rocks just below the cairn at the summits of Gannett Peak, Ellingwood writing on a slip of paper, their ice axes leaning against rocks in the background.

At the Summit on Gannett.jpg
Photograph of Albert Ellingwood, Elmina Buhl, Carl Blaurock and Hermann Buhl posing in front of the cairn on the summits of Gannett Peak.

At the Torrey Lakes Club.jpg
Photograph of unidentified men and women standing in front of a log cabin.

Barton Hoag at the Summit of Uncompahgre.jpg
Photograph of Barton Hoag standing on top of ruins at the summits of Uncompahgre Peak, waving.

Bergschrund Below NW Ridge of Fremont.jpg
Photograph of the bergschrund below the North West ridge of Fremont, a rock face is visible through the snowy crevasse.

Bergschrund on the face of Gannett.jpg
Photograph of a climber near a bergschrund surrounded by rock faces and ice.

Bilk Creek.jpg
Photograph of Bilk Creek Valley.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison.jpg
Photograph of train tracks along the river in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.
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