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Torrey Lakes Club.jpg
Photograph of Albert Ellingwood with Elmina Buhl, Carl Blaurock and

The Summit of Mt Helen.jpg
Photograph of Albert Ellingwood and Hermann Buhl standing by a cairn at the summits of Mount Helen.

A Primitive Bridge.jpg
Photograph of a tree fallen across a river.

At the Summit of Gannett Peak.jpg
Photograph of Albert Ellingwood, Elmina Buhl and Carl Blaurock sitting on the rocks just below the cairn at the summits of Gannett Peak, Ellingwood writing on a slip of paper, their ice axes leaning against rocks in the background.

At Beck's Cabin on Torrey Creek.jpg
Photograph of Albert Ellingwood Carl Blaurock and Herman Buhl standing in front of a car.

Approaching Dinwoody Glacier Rock Field.jpg
Photograph of a rockfield with glaciers in the distance.

Timberline Camp at Dinwoody Canyon.jpg
Photograph of Elmina Buhl sitting on a rock near a tent, possibly writing in a journal.

Modern door at St Michael's Mission.jpg
Photograph of a new door with Shoshone decorations.

Lunch at Helen Saddle.jpg
Photograph of Albert Ellingwood and Carl Blaurock eating lunch on boulders near the saddle of Helen glacier.

Looking Up Dinwoody Creek to Gannett Peak.jpg
Photograph of a field with Gannett Peak visible in the distance.
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