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West cliffs of Uncompahgre.jpg
Photograph of the West cliffs of Uncompahgre.

Washake Reservation.jpg
Photograph of two Native Americans at the Washakie Reservation, an adult woman in a white dress with her hair in braids and a young boy wrapped in a plaid blanket.

View of Needle Mountain from Chicago Basin001.jpg
Photograph of Needle Mountain, its peak covered by clouds, taken from Chicago Basin near the Colorado Mountain College camp.

Unidentified Climber.jpg
Photograph of Eleanor Bartlett standing in front of a rock face with a creek directly below taken near the C.M.C. camp in Chicago Basin.

Uncompahgre and Wetterhorn from Redcloud.jpg
Photograph of Uncompahgre Peak and Wetterhorn taken from Redcloud Peak with rocks field in the foreground.

Trek to Fremont Glacier.jpg
Photograph of Albert Ellingwood, Elmina Buhl and Hermann Buhl standing in the snow with axes, looking at a rocky ridge to their left.

Trail and Torrey Lakes.jpg
Photograph of two unidentified men and three horses standing in front of a lake.

Timberline Camp at Dinwoody Canyon.jpg
Photograph of Elmina Buhl sitting on a rock near a tent, possibly writing in a journal.

Valley in The Torrey Creek Country.jpg
Photograph of a lake at the bottom of a rocky valley. "In the Hidden Valley"

The Summit of Mt Helen.jpg
Photograph of Albert Ellingwood and Hermann Buhl standing by a cairn at the summits of Mount Helen.
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