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An account of the first ascent of the North West Face of Half Dome

Oral history interview conducted with Jim Whittaker at the 2013 American Alpine Club Annual Benefit Dinner. Mr. Whittaker speaks about the 1963 American Mount Everest Expedition, conservation and his love of climbing and mountaineering and for the…

David Roberts discusses his experiences as a climber as well as how he started climbing, his time in the Harvard Mountaineering Club and how climbing helped him launch his career as a writer.

Ted Vaill speaks about his experiences as a climber and as a member of the American Alpine Club. He talks about his early life and how he got started climbing, as well as how he became involved with the American Alpine Club. Vaill also speaks about…

Newspaper clipping from the Philadelphia Press dated Friday, September 10, 1909 covering the controversy between Fanny Bullock Workman and Annie Peck over the women's world record for highest ascent and Annie Peck's expedition to Mt. Huascaran.

A pamphlet advertising lectures by Annie Peck on her climb of Mt. Huascaran.

Copy of Mrs. Fanny Bullock Workman and Dr. William Hunter Workman’s certificate of honorary membership in the American Alpine Club dated May 2, 1914.

Photograph of Agnes Vaille and two others standing on a snowy ridge with ice axe and gear. Photographer unknown. Early 20th century.

Photograph of Agnes Vaille standing on a rocky slope with two unidentified climbers. Early 20th century, photographer unknown.

Photograph of Agnes Vaille and friend attending to a blister on a hillside. Early 20th century, photographer unknown.
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