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Photograph of Annie Peck wearing a mountaineering outfit including rope and leaning on an ice ace. Promotion shot of Annie Peck after her 1895 ascent of the Matterhorn.

Formal photograph of Annie Peck wearing the medal given to her by the Peruvian government for her ascent of Huascaran's north peak, ca. 1920s. Photographer unknown.

Formal photograph of Annie Peck. Date and author are unknown.

DoraKeen 1913.jpg
A photograph of Dora Keen.

In Memoriam article published in the American Alpine Journal, Volume 13 - Issue 2, 1963. The article remembers Dora Keen's life and accomplishments as a climber.

Barbara Washburn, 1914–2014 - AAC Publications - Search The American Alpine Journal and Accidents In North American Mountaineering.pdf
In Memoriam written by David Roberts and published in the American Alpine Journal, remembering Barbara Washburn's life and accomplishments as a climber.

Formal photograph of Fanny Bullock Workman
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