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A trolly car full of people with more crowding the roof and holding onto the sides. A sign on the front reads "Take this car for aeroplane flights." The destination plaque in the window says "Delmar." Pedestrians are visible on the street and a three…

A street scene with early automobiles, trolleys, pedestrians and many buildings displaying American flags.

A street with empty chairs set up in stands on either side. One building has a sign reading "St. Louis Star". Trolleys, carriages and pedestrians are visible in the street.

A street with a trolly, pedestrians and buildings with towers and turrets in the background

Two women walking their bicycles down a dirt road toward a small building with a steeple or tower. A trolley car can be seen on tracks heading up a hill on the right side of the frame

The July Column in Place de la Bastille, Paris, France, a pillar with a winged figure at the top. In the street are pedestrians, carriages and trolleys. In the background the buildings of Paris.
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