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Photograph of two unidentified people standing with a canvas tent.
A river on the left side of the frame with a tent pitched near the bank. In the background

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A high meadow with small trees. On the left side tents and campfire smoke.

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Three men standing in front of a tent and a fourth kneeling, possibly to adjust his boots.

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A man in a hat standing in front of a tent, trees in the background

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Cathedral Peak in the distance and camp with several tents and people in the meadow in the foreground
Two men and a woman stand with their backs to the camera, one operating a movie camera pointed at a group of seven men and women standing in the midst of three white tents. A forest in the background.
Several people, mostly women, stading and kneeling in shrubs near two tents.
Several women standing nad sitting in the shrubs near two tents
Mount Huber and Mount Victoria in the background. In the foreground a man walking in a meadoe with an ice axe in front of a tent with laundry hanging to dry.
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