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Three climbers standing on the summit of Mount Shasta in partial silhouette.

A man in glacier goggles and holding an ice axe standing in a snowfield, striated peaks in the background

A man with a knapsack and rope tied around his waist stands on a snow precipice, back to the camera. Below him another man holds one end of the rope with one hand and his ice axe in the snow with his other hand.

Five people walking away from the camera, the closest pausing to look to the left. Vertical rock walls in the background

Andrew James Gilmour stands on the summit of Mount Victoria holding his ice axe, three other climbers sit nearby, gear near them in the snow.

Andrew James Gilmour standing on a snowy slope. His jacket, hat and pants are covered in frost and snow. He is wearing glacier goggles and carrying an ice axe. On the left side of the frame are two or three other people.

Four climbers standing on a snowy slope wearing coats and hats, some in face masks, carrying ice axes and alpenstock

A group of climbers walking together down a rocky slope, toward a large glacier. Peaks in the background.

A group photo of climbers with ice axes and alpenstock, sitting at the top of a snowfield

Climbers standing on a snowfield, Mount Fay in the background
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