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Barbara Washburn and Bradford Washburn on summit of Mt Bertha, Alaska, 1940.

Barbara Washburn at the start of her descent from Mt. Bertha, 1940

4178 Bradford Washburn and Barbara Washburn, Mt Hayes, Alaska, 1941

Barbara Washburn near the summit of Mt Hayes, Alaska, 1941

Barbara Washburn looking westward from the 18,200' crest of Denali Pass, Mt McKinley, June 1, 1947

Brad and Barbara at Park Headquarters after climbing McKinley, Alaska, 1947

Photograph of Mrs. Thompson climbing a snow outcropping with ice axe and rope. Date is unknown.

Photo of Mrs. Thompson sitting in the snow with an ice axe and rope. Date is unknown.

At the Summit on Gannett.jpg
Photograph of Albert Ellingwood, Elmina Buhl, Carl Blaurock and Hermann Buhl posing in front of the cairn on the summit of Gannett Peak.
Typed on reverse of print: "Summit of Gannett. 8/11/24 CB"

Dropping into the Fremont Bergschrund.jpg
Photograph of Elmina Buhl dropping into the icy bergschrund using a rope.Typed on reverse of print: "Mrs. Buhl dropping into Fremont bergschrund. 8/8/24 CB"
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