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Jed Williamson and Gary Landeck discuss Mr. Williamson's start in climbing while in college, his involvement with the American Alpine Club, Outward Bound and climbs with Bill Putnam. They touch on the 1974 U.S. expedition to the Pamir Mountains and…

Handwritten letter from Annie Peck to Henry G. Bryant on letterhead of the Clarendon Hotel in New York. The letter is dated January 4, 1909. This letter is the original version of the copy Peck 1-4-1909. In the letter, Peck requests information about…

Handwritten letter from Annie Peck to Henry G. Bryant. The letter is dated December 28, 1909 and in it, Peck discusses a cable from Mrs. Workman to the Alpine Club forwarded to her by Bryant and the elevation and measurement of Mt. Husscaran.

Photograph of Annie Peck in climbing gear, face obscured by goggles and mask. She is standing with four other people in similar dress, one of whom holds a flag. They are on Coropuna in Peru, in 1911. Photographer unknown.

Handwritten letter from Dora Keen to Harrington Putnam. The letter is dated September 11, 1912 and is sent from the Hotel Frye in Seattle, WA. The letter discusses an ascent of Mt. McKinley by colleagues and how it compared to her ascent of Mt.…

Handwritten letter from Dora Keen to Howard Palmer. The letter is dated October 18, 1911 and is sent from Philadelphia, PA. The letter describes Keen’s doings in Alaska, including her first unsuccessful climb of Mt. Blackburn. She also discusses a…

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Handwritten letter from Dora Keen to Harrington Putnam, president of the American Alpine Club. The letter is dated June 8th, 1912 and is sent from McCarthy Alaska. The letter is a response to a recent telegram sent on behalf of the American Alpine…

Letter from Harrington Putnam, AAC President at the time, to Dora Keen dated June 1st, 1912 congratulating Dora Keen on her first ascent of Mt. Blackburn.

Photograph of two climbers on a snowy slope after a slide. A snowshoe is stuck in the snow uphill from the climbers. The caption, written in pencil on the front of the photograph reads: “Slide that come down - {indecipherable].” Date and author are…

Photograph of four men on a rocky slope with gear. Date is unknown, though likely about 1912.
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