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A small waterfall flowing through rocky banks,
A rocky peak in a field of dry scrub brush. In the background snowy cliffs.
High contrast, portrait view of peak in background. Lake occupies foreground.
A long line of people descend the pass on mixed rock and snow.
Lake occupies center of image. Overexposed peaks occupy the background.
High contrast, portrait view with lake in foreground and dome in background. Large evergreen tree dominates the left side of the image.
Portrait view of lake in lower foreground. Rugged rock arete occupies image background.
A river winding through a meadow and peaks in the background.
View from pass looking down toward lakes in foreground. Hazy peaks occupy the background.
Oblique view into the canyon from a point high up on the side of one ridge. Tree right foreground. Cumulus clouds in background.
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