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A horse with a driverless carriage standing in the middle of a street near a lamp post. A brick wall and separates the street from a private home.
The West face of Notre Dame, pedestrians and carriages in the street
A large and ornate structure with carriages, pedestrians and horses in the street below it
A street with carriages, pedestrians and in the background a wall with towers and battlements
A photograph of the Place de l'Op_ra in Paris with carriages, pedestrians and an omnibus. On the left side of the frame is a building with a sign reading "Grand Hotel," the InterContinental Paris Le Grand.
A group of people in a horse drawn carriage on a path through a park in winter
A rainy street with men and women with umbrellas standing under a bus or trolly shelter. Carriages and early automobiles are in the street and a building displays signs reading "Nahmaschinen," "Coiffeur," and "F. Aufricht."
A street with carriages, early automobiles and pedestrians. A sign on one truck reads "Otto F. Stifel's Union Brewing Co." Most of the buildings have American flags and banners.
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