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A man lays in a crevasse in a limestone rock wall formation. The formation has holes below where the man is laying.
A man lays sideways on a shelf of sandstone with holes in the formation below him.
Four small boats are pulled up to the shore on the viewer's left of the Colorado River, the canyon walls rise all around.
Ruins of Anasazi cliff dwelling nestled in a crevasse in a huge cliff face.
Man (park ranger?) on top on wall ruins next to cliff
A waterfall down the side of a canyon wall, a white tent below with several horses and humans. Beneath and to the left of the falls a man on a horse stands on top of a ledge, looking up at the falls.
Six men posing in a shallow cave with shovels, buckets, tools and other equipment from an abandoned trapping camp.
A few men and several horses navigate the slope of a sandstone slope, canyon walls and tall rock formations in the background.
Four men on horses stand before a rock pinnacle, canyon de chelly in the background.
Anasazi ruins in a cliff-face
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