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Ruins of Anasazi cliff dwelling nestled in a crevasse in a huge cliff face.
A tall butte in the desert with a human wearing a striped poncho standing in the foreground.
A photograph of canyon walls and floor.
A photograph of tall canyon walls
A photograph of tall canyon walls rising above the canyon floor, covered in parts in water and quicksand.
A photograph of tall canyon walls, a man standing on the floor of the canyon which is covered in parts with water.
A waterfall down the side of a canyon wall, a white tent below with several horses and humans. Beneath and to the left of the falls a man on a horse stands on top of a ledge, looking up at the falls.
Several dinosaur tracks in the foreground which have been filled with water. Four men in hats sit behind the tracks.
A man leads a train of several horses along the up the slope of a ridge above a sandstone formation.
A few men and several horses navigate the slope of a sandstone slope, canyon walls and tall rock formations in the background.
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