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One man steers a small boat while another sits on the shores of the river, canyon walls in background.
A rock overhang in the canyon wall over a beach on the shore of the Colorado River. A man stands on a sand bar near a small boat.
A man leads a train of several horses along the up the slope of a ridge above a sandstone formation.
A man examines the rocks near the spray of a waterfall to his right.
Snowy slope and trees, looking over the Grand Canyon.
Photographed through narrow canyon walls, a small boat approaches the mouth of a creek where it joins the Colorado River.
A suspension bridge stretching over a river. The walls of the canyon in the background.
A photograph of the Kaibab Suspension Bridge stretching across the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. Two people stand on the bridge.
Six men eat lunch from a large container while sitting on rocks on the shore of the river. A small boat named the Boulder floats nearby.
A ruined structure nestled in the wall of a canyon.
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