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Four small boats are pulled up to the shore on the viewer's left of the Colorado River, the canyon walls rise all around.
Man (park ranger?) on top on wall ruins next to cliff
A few men and several horses navigate the slope of a sandstone slope, canyon walls and tall rock formations in the background.
A man leads a train of several horses along the up the slope of a ridge above a sandstone formation.
Several dinosaur tracks in the foreground which have been filled with water. Four men in hats sit behind the tracks.
A waterfall down the side of a canyon wall, a white tent below with several horses and humans. Beneath and to the left of the falls a man on a horse stands on top of a ledge, looking up at the falls.
A photograph of tall canyon walls, a man standing on the floor of the canyon which is covered in parts with water.
A photograph of tall canyon walls rising above the canyon floor, covered in parts in water and quicksand.
A photograph of tall canyon walls
A photograph of canyon walls and floor.
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