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Outside a cabin, two men standing near a third with his hands in a wash basin.
A photo of a man with a pack on his back, a cabin and a tent in the background
A log cabin with a sod roof and numerous tools and items scattered around it. In front of the cabin stand two men, one holding a revolver
A log cabin with a sod roof near the bank of a river or lake, mountains in the background
A horse grazing in front of a log cabin with a sod roof, a man standing outside the front door. In the background, a lake or river.
A man standing in front of a log cabin with coniferous trees behind it. The door of the cabin is open and the phrase "Don't forget the wood" is written on the inside of it.
A large group of men and women milling around outside a log cabin among the smoke from campfires
A log cabin in the woods
A large pile of sacks on the ground between a horse and a wagon, a few people standing around
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