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A tent pitched on a downward slope near the top of the ridge on Long Gables
Three men in red, very small in the frame, climbing on the rocky ridges of Long Gables
A man in a black coat standing and driving a snowmobile, Nick Clinch sitting next to him and looking behind them at the sledges and men in tow
Glaciers and ridges of Vinson Massif bathed in the orange glow of a rising or sinking sun

Barry Corbet skiing down a snowy slope

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Barry Corbet in sunglasses and parka, holding a National Geographic Society banner and an ice axe on the summit of Mount Tyree
Barry Corbet on a steep slope, rope leading toward the camera
Barry Corbet rock climbing a steep rock face on Mount Tyree, carrying a backpack and wearing crampons
Barry Corbet harnessed and strapped to a complicated rope set up, connected to a rock face in front of him - an ice axe placed in the snow
Pete Schoening, Eiichi Fukushima, and Brian Marts cutting into the snow with ice axes
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