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Aeolus and Pigeon from Sunlight.jpg
Photograph of rocky peaks and clouds.

Aeolus and Pigeon from Sunlight Peak.jpg
Photograph of rocky peaks and clouds

Climbers on the Summit of Sunlight Peak.jpg
Photograph of three climbers, Pearl V. Turner, Barton Hoag and A. R. Ellingwood, standing on top of the rocky summits of Sunlight Peak.

Looking NW from Uncompahgre.jpg
Photograph of an unidentified man standing on Uncompahgre Peak.

Looking South from Photographic Ridge.jpg
Photograph of rocky peak above a valley.

Looking Up Needle Creek.jpg
Photograph of the view up Needle Creek, Colorado.

Needle Mountain Range.jpg
Photograph of the Needle Mountain Range taken from the summits of Handies Peak.

Needle Mountains.jpg
Photograph of the Needle Mountains through trees and valleys. Looking South from New York Falls down New York Creek. Ellingwood on the right.

On Sunlight Peak.jpg
Photograph of a climber standing on the side of a rock face, admiring the view below.
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