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Two climbers, one holding an alpenstock on a rock face. The second walking up a large snowridge toward the first.
A man standing on a rock out cropping and looking back at the camera, high peaks in the background
Two men, one standing and the other sitting a little behind taking notes, on a slope. Ice axes and alpenstock on the slope.
Andrew James Gilmour standing atop a snowy peak, leaning on his alpenstock
Two men, one holding an alpenstock, with a cliff face and snowy cornice in the background
Andrew James Gilmour with alpenstock climbing the face of a large boulder
Andrew James Gilmour standing on a boulder above an icefield, mountain slopes in the background
A man with an alpenstock climbing a rocky ridge, back to the camera
Two men, Butters and Holway standing with ice axes on a glacier.
A man sitting on a rocky summit, ice axe and rope in his lap.
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