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Misc 1913-1917067.jpg
Sand dune covered with shrubs

Misc 1913-1917008.jpg
A waterfall between stone walls along a river

Misc 1913-1917064.jpg
A lake with wooded shores

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Misc 1913-1917041.jpg
A man sitting on a rock looking at the view of Arapahoe glacier and peak

Misc 1913-1917052.jpg
A man standing on the rocky shore of a lake

Misc 1913-1917013.jpg
A group of men and women with plates gathered around a smokey campfire

Misc 1913-1917027.jpg
A group of people sleeping in bedrolls on the ground

Misc 1913-1917066.jpg
A group of trees partially buried in sand

Misc 1913-1917009.jpg
A group of tents at treeline, photographed from across a field

Misc 1913-1917063.jpg
The East face of Cathedral Peak and Cathedral Lake below
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