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Misc 1913-1917046.jpg
A large pile of sacks on the ground between a horse and a wagon, a few people standing around

Misc 1913-1917051.jpg
A man standing on a rock protrusion into a waterfall

Misc 1913-1917015.jpg
A dirt road

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Misc 1913-1917048.jpg
A large group of people posing for the photo

Misc 1913-1917007.jpg
Two photos of Grand Lake

Misc 1913-1917038.jpg
Gray's and Torreys peaks from the East

Misc 1913-1917056.jpg
The Keyhole formation on Long's Peak, photographed from below

Misc 1913-1917057.jpg
A photograph of the Keyhole formation on Long's Peak

Misc 1913-1917060.jpg
An alpine lake with high ridges in the distance

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