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Misc 1913-1917001.jpg
Aspen Outing 1917

Misc 1913-1917003.jpg
A range of peaks photographed from across a wide field

Misc 1913-1917007.jpg
Two photos of Grand Lake

Misc 1913-1917008.jpg
A waterfall between stone walls along a river

Misc 1913-1917009.jpg
A group of tents at treeline, photographed from across a field

Misc 1913-1917011.jpg
The craggy peaks of Sawtooth Mountain rising above a lake

Misc 1913-1917012.jpg
A large group of men and women milling around outside a log cabin among the smoke from campfires

Misc 1913-1917013.jpg
A group of men and women with plates gathered around a smokey campfire

Misc 1913-1917015.jpg
A dirt road

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