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Misc 1913-1917019.jpg
A log cabin in the woods

Misc 1913-1917020.jpg
Mount Evans and Mount Roaslie in the distance

Misc 1913-1917021.jpg
A tree photographed through the mist

Misc 1913-1917025.jpg
A group of men and women sitting around a campfire eating lunch

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Misc 1913-1917027.jpg
A group of people sleeping in bedrolls on the ground

Misc 1913-1917028.jpg
Ptarmigan peak in the distance, a river in the foreground

Misc 1913-1917030.jpg
A baseball game in a field, tents in the background

Misc 1913-1917031.jpg
A group of men, women and children posing for the camera in front of a tent

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Misc 1913-1917033.jpg
A dirt road leading toward Torrey's Peak in the distance

Misc 1913-1917034.jpg
Men and women standing with a pile of supplies with a large tent in the background
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