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Backlit image of falls. Cumulus clouds in haze in background. River in Foreground.
Portrait view of El Cap from across the river. Orographic clouds obscure the middle half of El Cap.
Closeup of half dome cableway details.
View of Half Dome looking west, up-sun. Good contrast in shadows. Much haze otherwise.
Portrait view (telephoto) looking northeast toward Half Dome, which dominates the frame. Strong shadows.
Image of a man, taken from below, climbing steep boulder field.
Royal Arches center, left center, with North Dome in Background. Very high contrast with areas of over/under exposure. River is in foreground.
Portrait view of 14 people standing on the precipice of The Overhang at Half Dome in upper center. Tenya Canyon appears in center and lower center.
High contrast view of Eagle Peak and its brothers after fresh snowfall.
View of falls from high vantage point. Haze obscures background .
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