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A tent, three horses, and a human sit at base of a waterfall in foreground of image. A human stands on a large rock halfway up the waterfall.
A man lays sideways on a shelf of sandstone with holes in the formation below him.
A suspension bridge stretching over a river. The walls of the canyon in the background.
A man stands looking over a precipice, part of a ruined structure behind him.
A ruined structure nestled in the wall of a canyon.
A human on a horse stands in a sunbeam next to a large rock formation in the desert.
A ruined circular structure of medium height in the foreground with horse riders in the distance of the canyon.
Four men on horses stand before a rock pinnacle, canyon de chelly in the background.
Ruins of Anasazi cliff dwelling nestled in a crevasse in a huge cliff face.
A tall butte in the desert with a human wearing a striped poncho standing in the foreground.
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