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Pete Schoening photographed from above as he descends through rock and ice on Long Gables, two other men in the background also making their way down
Pete Schoening photographed from above as he looks over a ledge at the snow plain below
Brian Marts using his ice axe as he makes his way down the ice on Long Gables - to the left, Bill Long climbs down on a rock outcropping
Pete Schoening, Brian Marts and Bill Long, in red parkas and backpacks, making their way down Long Gables
Pete Schoening, Brian Marts and Bill Long making their way down rock and ice toward the lower ridge of Long Gables
A man silhouetted against the brighter face of Tyree, tracks in the snow leading back toward the camera
Two men, a fair distance apart, makint their way down a snowy slope, attached to ropes and carrying large backpacks
John Evans cutting into the snow pack with an ice axe, two other men standing in the background
John Evans kneeling with two small flags stuck in the snow, the backkground obscured by blowing snow or fog
Dick Wahlstrom digging through snow at the edge of a pile of flattened tents and boxes of supplies partially buried in the snow, another man in a red parka stands nearby
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