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A group photo of the American Antarctic Mountaineering Expedition '66 at McMurdo station with the tail of an airplane an a truck in the background. From left to right standing: John Evans, Dick Wahlstrom, Nick Clinch, Barry Corbet, Pete Schoening.…
Charley Hollister leaning against a snowbank, looking at an Adélie penguin who is looking back at him
A group of Adélie penguins and adults
A large group of Adélie penguins standing on a stony rise
A man in a red parka exiting a small square structure made of corrugated steel with supplies piled against the side
Dick Wahlstrom holding his ice axe and standing on Mount Ostensio, the landscape below in the background
Dick Wahlstrom and John Evans climbing the ridge toward the summit
A rocky peak, dusted with snow, rising above a snowy plain
A snow field between two peaks, shrouded by low wispy clouds
Pete Schoening, Brian Marts and Bill Long making their way down rock and ice toward the lower ridge of Long Gables
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