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Glaciers and ridges of Vinson Massif bathed in the orange glow of a rising or sinking sun

Barry Corbet skiing down a snowy slope

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Three nude men photographed from behind, sponge bathing in a bucket of water near supplies and a tent set up in a depression cut out of the snow
Charley Hollister sleeping in a tent
Two tents in blowing snow
A man in a red parka with the hood up looking at two tents and a small grouping of backpacks and ice axes

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Dick Wahlstrom digging through snow at the edge of a pile of flattened tents and boxes of supplies partially buried in the snow, another man in a red parka stands nearby
A tiny cluster of tents and supplies on a vast plain of snow, a nunatak (partially exposed ridge) in the distance
Two men on an icy hump standing with rope and packs with an ice axe stuck in the ice - partially silhouetted against a plain of snow in the distance
Two mountaineers in packs walking away from the camera along an icy hump, toward a large ridge in the distance
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