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Mount Tyree photographed from Camp Two, in shadow - Tents, supplies and ice axes plantedin the snow.
Mount Tyree's peak rising above thick fog
An ice axe wrapped with the National Geographic Society banner stuck in the snow with an American flag and flags of other countries - in the background Mounts Tyree and Shinn
The rock walls of Tyree, dusted with snow
The sun disappearing as it passes behind a stony, bare peak
Four mountaineers, rendered small by the distance of the shot, climbing the couloir on Gardner
Three nude men photographed from behind, sponge bathing in a bucket of water near supplies and a tent set up in a depression cut out of the snow
Two tents in blowing snow
Three men in crampons walking up the ridge of Long Gables with their ice axes
John Evans roped up at the top of a snowy ridge crest, just about to begin a rappel down the slope of Mount Gardner, three other men standing nearby at the top
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