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Three men walking down a snowy ridge on the way down from the summit of Gardner
Sam Silverstein at camp on Gardner with a tent, backpacks, parkas and supplies surrounding him on the ground
An orange tent, anchored in the snow, and in the background the peak of Mount Shinn, shrouded by clouds
John Evans roped up at the top of a snowy ridge crest, just about to begin a rappel down the slope of Mount Gardner, three other men standing nearby at the top
Four mountaineers, rendered small by the distance of the shot, climbing the couloir on Gardner
The sun disappearing as it passes behind a stony, bare peak
Snow covered mountains, the rest of the range stretching off in the distance
A mounain with bare rock slopes, dusted with snow
The rock walls of Tyree, dusted with snow
Mount Tyree's peak rising above thick fog
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