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Several men lining up to board a large orange helicopter

Sam Silverstein standing near and looking at a large wooden cross, the sun breaking through the clouds and illuminating the sea below

A small square structure made of corrugated steel with supplies piled against the side

A large group of Adélie penguins standing on a stony rise

A man in a black coat standing and driving a snowmobile, Nick Clinch sitting next to him and looking behind them at the sledges and men in tow

Two men with a snowmobile and sledge carrying an oil drum across the flat, snowy expanse of the polar plateau

A man in a red parker walking along snowmobile and sledge tracks through the snow of the polar plateau

Brian Marts standing near a snowmobile connected to two sledges, two men in orange sitting and standing respectively at the last sledge, looking towards the mountain range in the background

Bill Long in a tent with his chin in his hand

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Bill Long and Barry Corbet among sleeping bags in a tent, on either side of a sleeping bag containing Eiichi Fukushima's feet
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